A.R.P. aims to be the preferred partner of Companies excelling in their own business, offering its creativity and organizational expertise, and guaranteeing dedicated store management services in locations always featuring innovative design, positioned in highly visible spots.

A.R.P.’s know how of the entire top class retail supply chain is always available to Partners willing to define new distribution models suitable to the markets’ evolution, even outside the traditional channels.


A.R.P., through a careful preliminary Brand assessment, identifies the Partner’s most suitable retail business model according to the product positioning and the target customer groups. Our field expertise and our real estate National and International contacts network allow us to identify the best locations in the shopping areas most suitable for the Brand. A.R.P. directly manages the store guaranteeing the best possible service from the location acquisition stage to the building works, project and design, through to HR selection and training. A full coverage and a global service for the Brand committing itself to A.R.P.

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