For Partner Companies, A.R.P. is a unique associate in the product distribution: our knowledge of the National and International markets, the attention to customers, the commercial location and exclusiveness are the guarantee for the success of any initiative. Today A.R.P. is cooperating with VF Corporation companies for whom it manages 8 The North Face, Vans and Eastpak stores in Italy. A retail network offering the partner Brands presence in the main commercial roads and department stores.

A.R.P. also created and developed two projects: Mountain Affair, with 3 stores in Rome, Bologna and Franciacorta and the e-commerce; Molto Italiano, an acknowledged food and hospitality brand that serves traditional Italian cuisine with a concept that enhances the quality and excellence.

A.R.P. Advanced Retail Project spa - Viale parioli 87, 00197 Roma - P.I. 06847121008