Retail Management

A decades-long experience in high-end retail distribution
Advanced Retail Project

An innovative structure for a
successful business

In his experience as Retail Business Partner, A.R.P. he has always operated with a careful preliminary study of the Brand identifying the most appropriate Retail Business model that responds to product positioning. Thanks to this know-how, A.R.P. was chosen by VF International as the main partner for the development of The North Face, Vans and Eastpak stores in Italy.

The Mountain Affair Brand of Ownership has stores located throughout the country in locations that respond to product positioning and target customers. Visit the website:

We Create your Retail Business

An idea of customer service with a continuous research and proposal of unique commercial spaces for design and layout, which enhance the characteristics of the product.


A business model that is based on the ability to capture emerging trends thanks to a timely monitoring of the market, which is followed by the study of new projects and products for the development of distribution models, even outside traditional channels.

Strategy: diversify, internationalize

A “tailor-made” business strategy for each partner, based on the study of the market
and on the knowledge of consumers, in the places of purchase and in the numerous countries in which the company is present or has operated.

The company structure: enthusiasm and competence

Founded in 2001 by the Bassetti family in Rome, entrepreneurs in the textile, clothing and entertainment sectors, since 2003 the company is led by brothers Lorenzo and Marco Bassetti, respectively General Manager and Managing Director of A.R.P. S.p.A.

A decades-long experience in the real estate sector and in the high-end retail business.

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